Northern Project: Play the pre-alpha

We have released a pre-Alpha of Northern Project, so you can try the game and help us to improve it from here onward.
The game has a lot of bugs and the level can be a bit confusing because we put in there all the mechanics we have for now, and learn all of them at the begining is hard.
This level was made to present the project in our school with the art and the mechanics we have at this time.
We want you to play this for now and tell us what you think about what we have.

In order to make easier for you to play our demo, we explain the main game mechanics



Press SPACE to JUMP. You can RUN with left SHIFT and JUMP further.

Bend branches

Some branches bend if you step or if you grab the vine.

Absorb Lights

Press ACTION (key D) with Drupelet to absorb light from torch flowers.

Set light to flowers

Press ACTION (key D) with Persimmo to light the flowers.

Light Glyph

Glyphs react to the power of the rod. If you don't hace lights in the bottle, then the glyph doesn't get on.

Stunt enemy

Stay press ACTION (key D) to stunt enemies. This action cost one light and expel the soul from the enemy.

Absorb enemy soul

When the soul from the enemy is out of his body, you can take it with Drupelet. Be careful because the soul can return to the body and the enemy turn to life.

Light Barriers

Enemis fear light, so if you are behind a flower torch, you are save.


1- Point A to point B
2- Survive


1- Collect Lights
2- Collect Souls